GoodPlant Simplifies Delivery and Curbside Pickup

Create new sales stations to meet your customers where they are.  

Consumers prefer using their debit cards, and electronic payments are easier and more efficient for your staff to process while reducing the inherent risks of cash transactions such as robbery.

Electronic vs Cash Transactions: Easy and Secure vs Inefficient and Unsafe

  • Electronic transactions minimize human error, leading to better accounting accuracy and less time spent on report reconciliation. 

  • Accepting cash payments means more staff time spent counting, bundling and securing the cash, plus the extra expense and additional logistics of getting it safely deposited. 

  • When it comes to safety, cash is definitely NOT king – it’s a big liability that must be carefully managed, and even then it remains a needless risk.

Transparent and Secure Transactions

  • Purchases ring up for the exact amount, with your DBA and Business Address in the descriptor. Cloud-based terminals provide fast and convenient payment processing without sacrificing security.

  • All transaction information is kept in your payment portal. Terminals batch automatically, ensuring your funds are deposited in a timely manner.

AML/BSA Compliance Makes Bankers Happy

  • Operate with confidence that the acquiring and merchant banks know the true nature of your business and the type of products being sold.  Keeping your banker happy is smart.

Reduce the Costs and Liabilities
of Cash Dependence

  • Reduce the costs of handling cash while increasing staff safety.
  • Electronic payments reduce human error and improve accounting accuracy. 
  • Digital payments reduce administrative work and manager reconciliation time.

Quick and Easy Integration

  • Our platform easily integrates with a growing list of POS systems. 
  • If we don’t yet integrate with your system, ask us and we can make it happen!

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • A modern shopping experience with a familiar payment process increases customer satisfaction and builds loyalty. Elevate your business over the competition with faster, easier checkouts.