Deposit Unbanked Cash Into a CRB-Compliant Account

Unbanked Cash is that which was earned and accumulated by a state licensed, cannabis-related business and not previously entered into the banking system.

We have compliant banking options for licensed operators with a minimum of $5MM in accumulated cash. As with most banking services, this program is relationship-based, so the servicing institution will require that the client also bank their ongoing operations with them, subject to all applicable BSA/AML rules and restrictions. 

Funds that are found to be non-compliant, counterfeit and/or not tied to tax returns will be rejected and returned.

All Unbanked Cash banking options are subject to the following general terms and conditions:

  • Program Minimum: $5MM
  • 0.25% consultation and advisory fee
  • CPA clearance letter and proof of funds required
  • Refundable upon opening of the account following approval
  • Armored cash transport costs paid directly by client, if applicable
  • Initial in-person meeting of client principal(s) required