Online Cannabis Sales

Since its inception, the retail cannabis industry has operated on a cash-only basis, making it difficult for retailers to conduct online commerce and accept electronic payments.

Until now.  Meet consumer demand with our fully compliant eCommerce payment processing solutions – and be ready for new opportunities! 

Our solutions include:

eCommerce Changes the Game for Cannabis Retailers

Consumers want convenience.  Accepting eCommerce electronic payments online will:

  • Enhance the purchasing experience by allowing customers to shop at their leisure.
  • Add convenience. Customers pre-order and pay online for pickup or delivery.
  • Streamline your operations while conveniently serving more customers.
  • Increase staff safety by having fewer cash transactions in-store or during delivery.

Compliant Payment Processing Solutions

  • Fully compliant payment solutions for dispensaries and CBD retailers
  • Electronic payments are fast, secure and meet Federal and Card Brand rules and regulations.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers with ACH Payment Processing

  • ACH bank-to-bank transfers go directly into the receiving entity’s account.
  • ACH’s are independent from the Federal Financial System. The Clearing House need only comply with State Regulations. ACH transactions comply with Federal and Card Brand regulations.
  • Take ACH payments online, through an app or over the phone, even at time of purchase.
  • ACH payments are fast and convenient. And since payment information is stored securely within the secure gateway, it only needs to be entered once.

eCheck Electronic Payment Processing

  • eChecks work like paper checks, except they are created electronically. The customer’s bank sends a check through the issuing bank’s system to the merchant’s bank for deposit
  • eChecks are convenient - frequent buyers can purchase quickly without having to enter payment information every time.
  • eChecks are highly effective for cannabis B2B transactions as well, allowing wholesalers to create electronic invoices, set up recurring billing, and accept invoice remittance quickly and securely. Issue and accept eCheck payments in amounts up to $25,000 for bulk sales.