Not All Online Merchant Accounts are Created Equally

You can accept credit cards from non-plant touching firms by opening an eCommerce Merchant Account featuring competitive rates and effective fraud protection.

With merchant services often being a large budget line item, you want a partner who truly understands your business and your goals. We have served the cannabis industry since 2014.

Our processor will approve your account quickly and set you up with the industry’s leading secure gateway. Leverage your web presence with safe and simple credit card processing!

Finding the Best eCommerce Merchant Services

Mainstream platforms often offer a basic website along with marketing and payment processing. New businesses or those with relatively low monthly sales may find such providers satisfactory.

However, many quickly outgrow these platforms. Others seek better processing rates or better service, while some require a more robust payment gateway or website – or all of these.

Make your business stronger and more profitable with our low rates, secure technology and solid service. Put our experience to work for you!

Merchant Account, Shopping Cart, and Payment Gateways

Our solution fosters your success by making sure all components – Merchant Account, Shopping Cart, and Payment Gateway – work together smoothly.

  • Your merchant account processes, approves, and funds transactions. To accept credit cards you must have a merchant account.
  • Enable customers to make a purchase by selecting the shopping cart’s “buy now” button.
  • Our secure gateway securely captures, encrypts and transmits your customer’s payment information to the credit card processor.

Getting Your Website Ready to Accept Credit Cards.

Required by all credit card processors, these items also constitute general good business practices.  Make sure each of the following can be easily found by customers shopping on your website.

  1. Customer Service Contact information must be clearly displayed, with a customer service phone number on all pages of your site. In place of this most processors will require two alternate forms of communication. Experience has proven that fewer chargebacks occur when customers have an easy way to contact sellers about their purchases.
  2. Shipping Policies. Clearly outline your shipping policies. How quickly will items be packed and shipped? How will they be shipped? What are the shipping costs and choices? Make this information available to increase sales and website conversions.
  3. Return Policies. Have simple, easy to find return & refund policies. eCommerce merchants with clear, consumer friendly return/refund policies enjoy more sales with fewer chargebacks.

Our eCommerce Merchant Account to Accept Credit Cards Includes:

  • Premium payment gateway
  • Ability to accept credit cards,
  • ACH, and eChecks
  • Built-in shopping cart
  • Support for nearly all shopping cart modules
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Payment Plug-in modules
  • Fraud prevention modules
  • Chargeback management software

Get Approved for your eCommerce credit card processing solution today!

Interested in a Chargeback prevention program?

We offer chargeback prevention solutions.

These programs are very effective at assisting high-risk merchant account holders manage and prevent chargebacks before they happen.