GoodPlant Financial Services

Compliance is our Cornerstone

Accept debit cards with our FULLY transparent, compliant solution.

This is true PIN Debit processing – NOT a workaround.


Key Features

  • FULL DISCLOSURE to bank and processor for 100% transparency
  • ENDORSED and APPROVED by the major debit networks (YES!)

Customer Benefits

  • No explanations needed – just a simple, familiar purchasing experience
  • No Out of Network fees – greater convenience and lower cost equals customer satisfaction

Merchant Benefits

  • Eliminate cash handling, armored car fees and costly mistakes
  • Transactions ring up for exact purchase price, improving report accuracy
  • Enhance delivery driver safety while improving operational efficiency
  • Average sales increase 15% or more versus cash purchases
  • Your actual DBA and Business Address appear on the descriptor
  • No Fees for Applications, Contracts, or Early Termination

Future Benefit

  • When credit card use is approved, you will be ready to process those too!